Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of ........................

POSIES! You can find these pins all over the internet, but I whipped up a few of these watching TV and on my lunch break. They would make a great Mother's Day gift. The one above was an order from our librarian at school. The ones below are available! I have 2 of the pink ones and 3 of the multicolored ones. They are only $5 each. Just leave me a comment!

This clay pot was gift to the Stantons for purchasing Lindsey's drawing at the fair. They would make great gifts. I filled this one with candies, nuts, and a candle.

Does this remind you of a previous painting? Yep, it's for the same little baby girl who gets the rocking chair. Now she has a step stool to match.
I am really upset about the picture quality on the above pic. I made a few of these for Christmas gifts. This one is for Ashley's boss to give as a gift. Of course this is the couple's last name and the year they were married. This would be a great gift as well!


Sandel said...

I would like to order a multicolored one

Jennifer said...

can you post a how-to for those?