Monday, July 26, 2010

This high chair got a major re-do! Do you think they like the Aggies? Whoop! That burgundy paint made me want to "saw varsity's horns off"!

This is a back splash I painted for Courtney. She will attached it to the wall with industrial strength velcro. Then, she can change them out!

Mrs. Hunter's stool to match the chair I did for her a few weeks ago.

These are the samples we will be using at the painting party THIS Friday at 6:30pm. I have some openings available if you would like to come. I have 5 who want to have a party the following week. If I get 10 we will PARTAY!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

SEW it's Wednesday!

I started out the summer thinking that I would sew some. Well I thought each Wednesday would be a good day to do that. Well this is my second Wednesday to sew this summer. I started off making a couple of skirts. I learned after the first skirt I made (pictured above) that you cannot go by the pattern sizes. It was a little on the SNUG side! So, on the second skirt, I cut it bigger, and it fit okay. Below is the second attempt and the end of my first Wednesday sewing!

Today I got the sewing machine out, and tried skirt number 3. I finally just cut my own pattern from an old newspaper! I am working on some for Ashley but she needs to come home for a fitting!
Onto some applique projects. I bought Lindsey some towels to take with her to college. Now she won't have to worry about someone taking her towels! (unless their initials are the same!)

The towel above is just a plain white dishtowel I bought at Walmart. This will go in Ashley's new kitchen!

Below is Karlee's pillowcase. I did one for Grace not too long ago, so I thought I'd better make one for little sister!

This is a very OLD chair Linda brought me to paint to go in her kitchen/dining room. With some cleaning, sanding, gluing, and puttying, this chair is ready to be in use! Of course it will get a new chair pad first!
AND last but not least, the Lord has blessed us with much needed rain this summer, and we got a double treat this evening with two rainbows!