Saturday, November 29, 2008

Well, it's that time of year to put up the Christmas lights! And, it was Ashley's turn (aka Grace!) to get on the roof! The light sprinkles didn't make it any easier to walk up there!
Todd and the girls are really good about putting the lights up, since I do the decorating inside and on the front porch. I think every year, "How will I ever be in the mood to climb in the attic back and forth 100 times for decorations next year?" But each year I always get in the mood to tackle the job.

When we arrived at Mama and Daddy's, Tracy, Rae Lyn and the kids were already there. Karlee was really cranky and ready for a nap. These are grouchy faces.

When Karlee woke up, it was time to eat. Lee, Garrett, Ashley, and Stacy finish up our Thanksgiving meal.

Grace poses on top of the ladder. She was trying not to smile! The men worked on Mama and Daddy's porch before and after dinner.

Ashley wanted to try the nail gun. It took awhile, but she finally shot a nail in the board! I wish I had a picture of her hair blowing back when it went off!

Daddy and Lee working hard. They were able to get the tin up before it began to rain.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Shopping in Lufkin

I met my mom and sister this past Saturday in Lufkin to get started on Christmas shopping. We had a great time, and the time just flew by! Mama wanted to get our picture done in this little booth. Just imagine the 3 of us in that tiny booth! Stacy waits for the picture to come out of the slot. If I hadn't been looking up, it would be a great picture!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Successful Night!

Last night the Holiday Market drew a large crowd of shoppers. It was so crowded Sara and I hid in the corner of our booth in order for customers to come in our booth and shop. My camera stayed in my purse because I couldn't get to it! The night was a huge success, and I am still selling some items I have left. I had one cross (black standing one), a cream "FAITH" sign, a couple of "HOME" signs, and 2 western and one Mary Engelbreit looking chalkboard. I sold all my tiles except for 2, a western and camoflauge. (Those will probably be gifts. ) I am ready to do some Christmas shopping now! These two stools shown are special orders for Wade and Wyatt.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bunco Night in our PJ's

This was our second annual pajama Bunco at Cherie's house. We ate homemade waffles, homemade syrup(compliments of Denise), and flavored decaf coffee! Carrie and I pose on the bed between games.

Lindsey filled in for Ashley. Once thinking it was a game for old ladies, she came around during last month's Bunco, and now she is hooked! She is still bragging about the waffles and syrup!

Denise shows off her pearly whites and I am not just talking about her teeth! Sexy!!!
Dear God, please let me roll a higher number than Donna and Selena for the Crack Prize! I promise I will be good!
Carrie's prayer wasn't answered! Selena won the Crack Prize for a real crack! By the way, I rolled 5 Buncos, 3 in one game, but Annette beat me by one Bunco. I did win the second highest number of games won, and I received a table runner for Christmas and napkins. I love it, Cherie!

Sunday Afternoon Aggie Game

Sunday afternoon, we went to see the Aggies play Arkansas Pine Bluff. Ashley's friend, Nathan Walkup, plays for the Ags. Lindsey took this pic of him shooting a free throw. Nathan had a great game against SFA Tuesday night. Way to go, Nathan!

Ashley is in the student section..................somewhere!

Todd and I pose at the game. Can you tell I missed my Sunday nap?!?
After the game Ashley's friend, Laini, met us at Chicken Oil Co. for a burger. Ashley is dressed in her 80's attire. You, who grew up in the 80's, know what I am talking about. Just look at those leggings and boots!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

To Market, To Market

I gathered all the painted items for the Holiday Market together yesterday to wrap and box up. There are several chalkboards and family, faith, and home signs to choose from.

These ceiling tiles are ready to be personalized. I will do them Thursday night. The paint can dry will you shop!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Duck hunt with the girls!

While I am in the warm house, snuggled in my bed with the mattress heating pad on, Todd, Ashley and Lindsey were sitting in a duck blind freezing their patooties off! The wind was ferocious! Ashley poses for the cover of Ducks Unlimited!

They did manage to kill a couple of geese!

This is one happy dad!

Fun Night!

I took so many pictures, so I tried to get everyone that came in a picture! Kinsey is in deep concentration!

Sisters, Jana and Susie, look they are wrapping up their project.Sisters-in-law, Danielle and Amanda, work away. They had to leave early, so I didn't get a picture of them with their painting.

Lacy poses for just a second so she can get back to work! Julie just keeps on working!

I was so glad Angela came last night. Her and Alice visit while Kelly and Janelle (not sure if I spelled it right) paint at the end of the table. Glad you came, Kelly and Janelle!

Today was Cherie's birthday(green shirt)and Carrie has a neat post for her on her blog. Check it out when you can! Happy Birthday, Cherie!

The finished product!

Lacy poses with her mom, Cheryl. She is a hoot, I tell ya! Don't you love how they all turned out so different?

Glad you could come, Rachel! I forgot to get a picture of Julie and Jill with their finished piece. I am so bummed! These parties were so much fun. Got to start working on new ideas for after Christmas and I welcome them if you have some!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Going to State!

Lindsey, Nikki, Morgan, and Peyton and 7 other Madisonville's FFA teams are headed to state December 5th and 6th! The Public Relations team got first place and hasn't made it to state in 7 years! Congratulations, PR team!

Final Count for Paint Party!

Hey girls who are coming to the Christmas Paint Party tomorrow night, I need you to let me know if you are definitely coming so I can have enough chairs and supplies out for you. Just leave me a comment today and let me know! It starts at 7:00. Don't forget your brushes, fall sign, and a snack to share!

Monday, November 10, 2008

New Additions

Remember my spring post about our living lawn mowers? Well, last Wednesday morning Todd went out to feed and discovered a calf had been born. When we got home that evening, I spotted another calf in the pasture! We went out on the tractor to get close ups. Those mama cows are very protective!

Christmas in November

Our women's ministry at church hosted "Christmas in November" this past Saturday morning. Each Sunday School class decorated their table and brought a favorite Christmas dish to share. Sindy was our emcee, and Bubba did a wonderful devotion that brough tears to many of our eyes.

I just loved this table. Sindy's mom, Marcella, made placemats by cutting vinyl material into circles and simply used whimsical paper goods.

After the devotion we were dismissed to our craft! I chose to make a Christmas wreath. Cherie, bless her heart, was aching with her back but still manage to show about 30 ladies how to decorate a wreath!

Mrs. Blair and Mrs. Brooks work away.

Cindy is really concentrating, and April stops to smile for me. She looks great after painting the night before, staying at the deer camp, and getting up at 5:30am!