Monday, January 26, 2009

I saw candles similar to these at Canton this month, so I thought I would try to make them. If you catch the candles and crosses half off at Hobby Lobby, you can make them at a reasonable price. The zebra and leopard painted crosses are wood from Canton. Candles like these were selling for $55-$60! I sold one today for $25! I have a leopard one if anyone wants it!!

Remember my Halloween get-up of Maxine? Well, Maxine is back and on a postcard that will be mailed to 600 homes in Hilltop Lakes!!! Todd wanted me to take a picture for the postcard, and I asked if Maxine could do it. His only stipulation was for Maxine not to have her cigarette and no balloons up top! (Personally, I think Maxine needed her balloons. ) Maybe she will be back by popular demand someday! If you live in Hilltop Lakes and need your A/C serviced, just tell them you want to be like Maxine and not mess with your a/c for 10 years!

Saturday, January 24, 2009

These are some wall pegs I painted for Courtney, and below is Kynlynn striking a pose on her new painted bench! Isn't she precious! I painted a rocking chair for her at Christmas.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I just love making things that don't cost lots! This garland was made with scraps that I had, and I spent $1.50 on the hearts from Hobby Lobby! I never would have thought to put a garland on my front door, but I saw this on For the love of my home last week and liked it.

Mrs. Savell, our science teacher, ordered a paddle, and she wanted bandaids and the word, Ouch!, on it. She also wanted it pink and blue, because it is for girls and boys!

Mrs. Guice of the parent center picked this bench up at a yard sale for 5 bucks. You may not can tell, but the wood was mildewed, had lots of knots with holes, and just needed some TLC.

After a good sanding, puttying the holes, and priming, I was ready for the fun stuff! Here is the after.....................

I just finished another necklace holder. I have one more I am working on for a friend of Todd's mom. I am currently working on a bench, wall pegs, and 2 bar stools. Looking forward to spring break!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Our Sunday School Class Invades the Bowling Alley!

Saturday night our Sunday School Class met in Huntsville at El Chico then ventured out by going bowling! With shoes on and balls chosen, we were ready to get down to business!

Angela demonstrates her graceful swing with a smile!

Birthday boy, Marv, picked up right where he left off in his college days! Love those legs!

Pro bowler, Gary, had to give Cindy and Angela pointers on getting the scoreboard set up. Angela is in deep thought! When did they start keeping score electronically! I haven't bowled since junior high!

Stephanie poses for the camera amidst all her advice given at the scoreboard!

This is my favorite picture. Just look at James' form as he bowls for another strike!

You can see that we took a whole corner of the bowling alley!

David, I believe, takes bowling seriously. I heard some of them joking saying that he spends his lunch hour here to practice!

Roger is gleaming after his roll! He must have gotten a spare!

Guess what I rolled? STRIKE, Baby!

Last but not least, Todd bowled a 150 in our last game. Is he excited or what? We had a great time, and will definitely have to go bowling again. Class members, be thinking about our next get together. Roller skating perhaps? Just kidding!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think I may just stick to painting!

Just finished Rylan's step stool. I noticed Rishanne eyeing the ones I previously made at the Holiday Market, and she mentioned that she wanted one for Rylan. A few days later Linda Hunter asked if I could paint a step stool for Rishanne. She had no idea that Rishanne wanted one! Hope Rylan gets lots of use out of it in the future!

I made a trip to Michael's Monday and got this wild hair to make a couple of Valentine topiaries since I don't have many Valentine decorations. With supplies I had at home and what I bought with my 40% coupon, these would cost me less than 6 bucks each.

Cutting the styrofoam was a mess. Next time I will try my electric knife to cut it!

I just thought cutting styrofoam was a mess until I got into the spanish moss! I had it everywhere including stuck all over me! Only 1 bag did one heart, but I had a bag in the attic. The only problem was that it was just plain and not green, so I got out the green spray paint!
After all of this, I could not wait to get finished. Painting the pots was the best part!

I put them on each side of the mantel for now. They may be moved after I stare at them for awhile. IF I decide to make another topiary, I will use something else to cover the styrofoam rather than that messy moss!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cricut and Christmas

Here is my first project using my new Cricut Expression. Remember when I said that I wanted one after the Cookie Exchange? Well, I researched the ads and internet and came across The machine was on sale for $219 and it was the last day that free shipping was offered! I counted the paint money I had left, and I enough to order it, plus an extra cartridge. This site is great because most of the cricut cartridges are just $29.99! You can see the letters much better in person. My mind is whirling thinking about where I could put more banners!

Now I bet you are wondering why I have Christmas ornaments out when everyone is putting theirs away. Well I happened in our local Walmart and these shatterproof ornaments were 50 cents a box! I bought one box of the green to put on my aluminum tree next year. When I got to the car I remembered a wreath that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality made a couple of weeks ago, so I went back and bought these 4 boxes.

The wreath is simply made from a coat hanger. You just string the ornaments on the wire!

I don't think I could make this with glass ornaments!

Almost done! It took about 70 of these ornaments. There were 24 in a box, so I had to open the other 2 boxes.

Can't beat a $2 wreath! I'll put this in the attic and put a pretty bow on it next year. I already have the place for it-on my large mirror in my dining room!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Another before and after

Because I was too ansy to get started, I failed to take a before pic of April's table she wanted me to paint. So...I found this one online. The white on the table and chairs have a slick, white top kind of like formica. After sanding it and priming it, I think the paint will be able to stick! Here is the after. There was one chair with this set. April bought a chalkboard from me at the Holiday Market and wanted me to match the table to it. I just put the last coat of sealer on, so in a day or two it will be ready for Chance!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy Birthday, Elvis!

Check out Ashley's blog to find out when her obsession began! Hey, I would much rather listen to his kind of music instead of what is out there today! Maybe that is what made Ashley somewhat innocent!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

200th Post and First of 2009!

I can't believe this is my 200th post! It's been a while since my last one, but between taking down decorations and finishing up paint projects, I have been pretty occupied. This is always a down time for me. You know when you take down the Christmas stuff, what do you do next? As for looking back on 2008, it was a great year. From starting this blog, hosting paint parties, losing a few pounds, making enough money to buy a cricut expression, and having a wonderful family, I have no reason to feel down. Here are my latest projects. The below jewelry box is a sonshine center find. The before......................

Here is the after!..................................... Never would have thought about doing this, but what a great idea. Hope Sarah likes it!

The chair below was a $2 garage sale find by Sandra Guice of the Parent Center. She wanted me to paint it for the center. I have had this chair for awhile and I appreciate Sandra being so patient with me about getting it finished.
This is Jacob Brown's transformed kitchen table! I am a little nervous about this one being around college students. Just think-cards, dominoes, pizza, wet drinking glass rings, oh my! Jacob assures me he is having a piece of glass cut to put on the top!