Monday, April 27, 2009

New Addition

Well, the steer pen did not stay empty for long! This is our new addition, a six month old steer. He is definitely a big baby! We can hear him bellowing from inside the house!

Everyone Reads Day

Friday was Everyone Reads Day at school. Dr. Brooks, our principal, is perched on the flag pole reading until our school reaches our goal. She finally came down around 2:00!

We had a few guests come to read to us. Emilie's mom (I forgot to take pic!), Jill, and Todd came to read to the class.

Todd read Green Eggs and Ham to the class and was impressed that they actually knew the book and could rhyme! He told the class after reading that book it made him hungry, and he asked the class if they were hungry. What kind of question is that for second graders at 11:30 when they don't eat until 12:30? He brought them a little treat and was swarmed!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ring around the rosie, pocket full of ........................

POSIES! You can find these pins all over the internet, but I whipped up a few of these watching TV and on my lunch break. They would make a great Mother's Day gift. The one above was an order from our librarian at school. The ones below are available! I have 2 of the pink ones and 3 of the multicolored ones. They are only $5 each. Just leave me a comment!

This clay pot was gift to the Stantons for purchasing Lindsey's drawing at the fair. They would make great gifts. I filled this one with candies, nuts, and a candle.

Does this remind you of a previous painting? Yep, it's for the same little baby girl who gets the rocking chair. Now she has a step stool to match.
I am really upset about the picture quality on the above pic. I made a few of these for Christmas gifts. This one is for Ashley's boss to give as a gift. Of course this is the couple's last name and the year they were married. This would be a great gift as well!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Here is Allison's rocking chair for her room!

Lindsey created this rose in art class. Ashley did a yellow one when she took art and gave it to her grandma. Lindsey gave this one to her grandma as well. I know they have creativity in their bones, they just need to express it more often!

I walked in Friday evening from work, and this is what I saw! I just had to take a picture. Now to those of you who don't know Lindsey well, reading is not one of her favorite past times. One of her friends had told her how good the Twilight books were, and she started reading it and LIKING it! Todd and I would just look at each other in amazement when we would see her reading this past weekend. She is now ready for the next book!

An Eventful Easter and Week

Yesterday after church we joined Cindy and James on a 6.8 mile hike through Sam Houston State Park. Since it had rained earlier that morning we did not expect some wash outs! So off went the shoes and we waded through the cold water!

Todd and Cindy sit and put their shoes back on! The second time we had to wade, Cindy and Todd did not take off their shoes!

This picture was taken of Ashley after the morphine and other narcotics kicked in last Monday! The ER visit did not stop her from texting and talking to her friends. She had severe abdominal pain which we thought was appendicitis.
This is the iodine she had to drink in order to do the cat scan. After an ultra sound and other tests, this was the last resort. Fortunately, it was not appendicitis and was ruled as a ruptured cyst. It was a very long wait. Ashley arrived around 4 pm and we left a little after 1 am!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spring Break Projects

I forgot to take a picture of this rocking chair before I primed it, but imagine just plain, stained wood as the before. And the after...............................................

Now, the chair is all ready for a little girl to rock her baby doll in! I matched the colors with a swatch of material, and the customer wanted me to incorporate ladybugs as well.

I painted each little knob on the sides of the rocking chair to look like ladybugs crawling around!

Jennifer ordered a couple of candles.

I painted a couple of step stools over spring break. The stool above was painted to match the Kasey bedding from Pottery Barn, and the stool below is matching bedding as well. That buffalo check was a first!

I have a paint graining tool that helped create the wood look on the sides of the stool.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Prom 2009 (get ready for lots of pics!)

Lindsey's day began with the hair do at Trendsetters. Courtney did a great job with Lindsey. I think she had to start over 3 times!

It took Courtney a little over an hour, but Lindsey's hair looked FAB! After the hair do, it was off to the nail salon for manicure, toenails painted and eyebrows waxed! And the result.........

Wow! They clean up Good!

Landon, Lindsey, Chicken (Michael), Lexi, and Chance pose before leaving for dinner at Cafe Capri.

We started the decorating process around 2 Friday afternoon. I crawled in bed at 12:15 Saturday morning!

The theme was Diamonds Are Forever with blues and silvers. The prom books did not have that theme, so we had to make LOTS of stuff!

Our entryway wasn't exactly what we invisioned but the kids were impressed.
Lindsey and Landon make the grand entry.

I surprised them on the dance floor!

I took advantage of being in the midst of them all and snapped this pic of Lindy and Mike.

Do the Stanky Leg, Do the Stanky Leg!!!!

Okay, Jake deliberately posed like this! He doesn't look that way all the time!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Need a Laugh?

It's Agnes to the rescue!!