Saturday, September 26, 2009

A "FaBOO" Time!

This was the Crazy table! Crystal got so into it that she painted both sides of her candy corn!

I dubbed this table the "Loosin' Up!" table. Lola and Amanda were taken this thing WAY too seriously! Next time, they go to the CRAZY table!

AAHHH! The PERFECTIONIST table! These people definitely knew what they were doing. EVERYONE'S candy corn turned out so cute. No one's looked exactly alike because each has their own style. I can't wait for the Christmas one. I will welcome all ideas for the next one. Thanks for yours, Lacy!

Yes, Ashley got in on this one! I definitely see some creative talent there! Maybe I rubbed off on her a little!
This is the other end of the CRAZY table!

So glad these two beautiful, young mothers could break away for awhile. It was great to see you, Michelle and thanks for the "Boo!", Sara!

Absolutely "BOOTIFUL!"

Didn't they do great on the zebra stripes and leopard spots?

Janelle and Jill got a little crazy with theirs adding bats, spiders and even a ghost!
Great to see you again, Rishanne! Thanks for coming everybody!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Paint Party is Full!

5 more days til the paint party! I've got to get to work cutting out some candy corn! Thanks to all the ladies who signed up. Can't wait until Friday at 6:30. Come ready for some fun, food, and fellowship. Don't forget your brushes!

HaPpY bIRtHdAy, LiNdSeY!

Today, Lindsey turned 18, a milestone! Will and Lindsey (above) were born a day apart, so they celebrated tonight at Will's house with friends.

Friday night was Homecoming for Madisonville. Lindsey painted Jake blue, and he was one of the spirit winners. Madisonville won 6-0, beating the Crockett Bulldogs. Project Graduation had a dance and raised $1800 dollars. Our next fundraiser is Mustang flip flops. Make sure and order your pair of flip flops from a senior for only $20!

Monday, September 7, 2009

I bought this chair at Canton this weekend. Todd wanted a stool of some sort to sit on in our bedroom when he puts on his shoes in the mornings. With a coat of paint and a new seat cover, it is ready for him to use tomorrow morning!

This is the piece we will be painting at the upcoming paint party! You will get to learn how to paint zebra and leopard spots! It can be personalized anyway you want it! This one is going to be at my door at school next month.

Friday, September 4, 2009

It's Paint Party Time!

Fall is just around the corner, so who would like to paint a little something to spruce your house or give as a gift? The second annual Paint Party series will kick off on Friday, Sept. 25th at 6:30. I have enough room for about 20. Email me at or call me if you have my number to sign up. All you need to bring is $10(covers paint and supplies) and brushes(preferably flat ones and liner brushes). We always had way too much food when you guys all brought snacks, so I will provide snacks this year, unless you have something you want to share! Hopefully, this weekend I will make a sample of what we will be painting. It's really CUTE! Stay tuned!

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Well, this past Monday my hard drive crashed. I was so upset that I cried. I learned a valuable lesson: Always back up! I lost all my pictures except the ones I had on my digital frame and media card. Okay enough whining, now on to my latest project. I just got new bedding and curtains for my room, so I wanted new wall art. I took this art that I bought from Kirkland's last summer, took the middle out and replace it with some plywood........

painted black,

did a little decoupage work on it, painted a couple of crosses and...................................

Voila! I have new art for my bedroom!