Monday, April 13, 2009

An Eventful Easter and Week

Yesterday after church we joined Cindy and James on a 6.8 mile hike through Sam Houston State Park. Since it had rained earlier that morning we did not expect some wash outs! So off went the shoes and we waded through the cold water!

Todd and Cindy sit and put their shoes back on! The second time we had to wade, Cindy and Todd did not take off their shoes!

This picture was taken of Ashley after the morphine and other narcotics kicked in last Monday! The ER visit did not stop her from texting and talking to her friends. She had severe abdominal pain which we thought was appendicitis.
This is the iodine she had to drink in order to do the cat scan. After an ultra sound and other tests, this was the last resort. Fortunately, it was not appendicitis and was ruled as a ruptured cyst. It was a very long wait. Ashley arrived around 4 pm and we left a little after 1 am!

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ashleyfaries said...

whew I am looking rough!!
I will have to post ((after this accounting test)) the pictures I took of you!!