Saturday, March 28, 2009

MCFA 2009

Lindsey showed Red this past Thursday and got 2nd in his class! That's the best we have done at the fair so far. He was 9th in the sale order, so he made the premium sale!

Being in that ring is hard work, so Red needed a rest!

Todd is the perfect stall boy! If it weren't for Dad, the girls wouldn't know what to do!

A fierce cold wind blew in just before the auction started last night. Thank goodness there was a wall blocking it from blowing away the potential buyers! Lindsey's steer sold for $2400. Stover and Crouch Ins. bought it. Thanks, Craig! Lindsey also made $599 on her art Tuesday night. Thanks, Marvin!

Kasey, my nephew, got reserve champion with his range heifers. This is his first year to show in the fair. We bought a pig last night from a little boy that was his first year to show. He was all teary-eyed because he was losing his pig. I felt so bad for Cannon. But just like our girls, he will get over it and be back at next year!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Getting organized!

I can't believe I am showing y'all this but this was my garage last week! We closed in an open section in our garage for all of my crap, I mean crafts.

Tah Dah! I have a peg board and LOTS of shelves....................................................

And still room for more! Now my garage is clean and organized.

Meagan brought me a solid black western shirt to paint for the Texas High School Rodeo Finals. She wanted zebra, pink, and a cross. Meagan and her mom will put rhinestones and crystals on it to Bling it up!

Cooking on Spring Break

We eat this fruit salad weekly! I use sugar free pudding mix, fat free cool whip and fruit. Sometimes I add chopped apple or a can of mandarin orange pieces. You don't need to add milk. Just drain your pineapples and use your juice to mix the pudding in!

The mixture will be thick. Add all your fruits and nuts and then add the cool whip. You can add the whole container or just half. In this salad, I used half.

This is soooooo good and GUILT FREE! I have even made it with the sugar free pistachio, white chocolate, and cheesecake flavor pudding.

Okay, on to the not so guilt free........If you live close to Huntsville or College Station, you may have eaten Double Daves's pepperoni rolls. Well, we love them. You can get them 2 for 1 on Tuesdays, but we are hardly ever there on Tuesdays. Well, I had a craving so I decided to try them at home. I used Jiffy pizza crust mix (41 cents a box!), turkey pepperoni, and mozzerella. I chopped about a handful of pepperoni and added some basil, garlic powder, and oregano to the mix. (I used 3 boxes of Jiffy mix) Make sure and let the dough rise. I rolled out the dough about 1/8" thick and cut into rectangles. Place 4 pepperonis and cheese down the middle and roll up closing the ends.
After putting them on a sprayed cookie sheet, let them rise a little more before baking them. Bake the rolls at 425 degrees until lightly brown. The 3 boxes made 18 rolls. I used just one package of pepperoni and one bag of cheese.

Oh my goodness! I sent a phone pic to Todd after I made them telling him they were fresh out of the oven. He was home in a matter of minutes! These are really good. Not Double Dave's but they'll do!


These are two of Lindsey's drawings. The pencil drawing below is part of an old plow. I really like this picture and she spent ALOT of time on it, but did not enter it. I will eventually frame this. The colored drawing above will be auctioned off tonight at opening ceremonies of the county fair.

Joel took some excellent shots of Lindsey at last week's match against Teague. Lindsey played two matches: doubles with Lindy and mixed doubles and won both matches. The team won third at regionals in Waco a few weeks ago.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Countdown to Spring Break

It's almost SPRING BREAK and that means a week off from school and the the county fair! Lindsey and Landon entered the cake decorating division this past weekend. Landon got 3rd with his cow cake and Lindsey won reserve with her flower cake! She also won reserve with her art(pic later).

Remember this picture of Red and Lindsey conditioning his thick hair?
Well, Red got a MAJOR trim yesterday!!! He kept hiding in the barn like he was naked or something! He doesn't even look like the same steer from last week. Next Thursday is the steer show, so Red is doing some cleaning and feeding up!

I finished Ryelee's board this weekend! I'll get it to you ASAP, Cherie!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

I finished up some more orders this week! The sign above is for a teacher. I painted one side with chalkboard paint so she can write messages on it. The rocking chair below is a baby shower gift. The material draped over it is the valance I matched the colors with.

Lorin and Elizabeth have new tiles to adorn their room! I finished their brothers' last week. (Julian and Neythan)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Latest

Just look at this face! Red is getting ready for the upcoming fair!

Lindsey gives him medicine to keep his stomach healthy with all the eating he is doing lately.

Red gets a treatment of leave on conditioner.

Our back patio has returned! We took it up last year because the gophers were getting underneath it and the weeds were springing up between the rocks. We tried growing grass in its place, but I really wanted the patio back. Todd did it right this time by setting the stones in a concrete base. I am so ready to buy some plants!

Our prom committee has been meeting weekly for the past month. We have gotten columns made from corrugated paper, what looks like pizza boxes, and plastic folded and hot glued together for lights! These are just a few of the many glittered leaves that we will be using for decorations. Prom is April 4th, but our team is ready for the challenge. Right????

With working on prom stuff, teaching, traveling to see Lindsey play tennis, watching the Aggies defeat Mizzou, and just plain everyday stuff, I have managed to get 2 tiles finished and a rocking chair done(pic coming soon).