Sunday, April 5, 2009

Landon, Lindsey, Chicken (Michael), Lexi, and Chance pose before leaving for dinner at Cafe Capri.

We started the decorating process around 2 Friday afternoon. I crawled in bed at 12:15 Saturday morning!

The theme was Diamonds Are Forever with blues and silvers. The prom books did not have that theme, so we had to make LOTS of stuff!

Our entryway wasn't exactly what we invisioned but the kids were impressed.
Lindsey and Landon make the grand entry.

I surprised them on the dance floor!

I took advantage of being in the midst of them all and snapped this pic of Lindy and Mike.

Do the Stanky Leg, Do the Stanky Leg!!!!

Okay, Jake deliberately posed like this! He doesn't look that way all the time!

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