Monday, April 27, 2009

Everyone Reads Day

Friday was Everyone Reads Day at school. Dr. Brooks, our principal, is perched on the flag pole reading until our school reaches our goal. She finally came down around 2:00!

We had a few guests come to read to us. Emilie's mom (I forgot to take pic!), Jill, and Todd came to read to the class.

Todd read Green Eggs and Ham to the class and was impressed that they actually knew the book and could rhyme! He told the class after reading that book it made him hungry, and he asked the class if they were hungry. What kind of question is that for second graders at 11:30 when they don't eat until 12:30? He brought them a little treat and was swarmed!

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ashleyfaries said...

haha...I can see Pappy reading that book!!! ((no worries...I don't see that anytime soon!))
What did he bring them?