Friday, July 31, 2009

Bolivar Mission Project

We traveled to Bolivar Peninsula to finish the electrical work on Mr. Sampson's house this week. Of course we had to have a little fun while we were there. If you have seen the Holiday Inn Express commercials lately, you will understand. We did stay at one in Winnie Tuesday night and it was very nice!

Friday, July 24, 2009

More Before and Afters

This desk is prepped and ready for a transformation! After some primer and a few colors of paint.............TAH DAH!
This desk is ready for some coloring and learning fun!

Mom's friend, Huleen, sent me this old folding chair to paint to match colors in her room. Hope she likes it!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Whittling Away Orders....................

Weekend Visit

I spent some time with the Ledford's this past weekend. As always, the time flies by and Shawn and I have a blast.

Ryan, the pool boy, aggravated me most of the time. Lauren and Ryan short-sheeted my bed Friday night. I was so tired because Shawn and I didn't go to bed until 1:30am that I did not even notice the trick!!!
These pics are small because they are from my phone, but we made chocolate gravy and biscuits Friday night. It was sooooo good!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Sprucin' up the Kitchen

I have been wanting to redo my kitchen backsplash for some time now. I even checked out those faux panels at Home Depot, but those were almost 20 bucks each. I thought about faux painting it, but I just couldn't decide what I was going to do until I saw this product above on Southern Hospitality. I purchased a roll of this at Home Depot for $12.97, used less than a quart of paint that I had left over from a different project, painted a piece of plywood I had in my scrap stash, and Voila!

I dry-brushed cream paint on the beadboard to make it look weathered.

I did not want this piece of formica behind the stove and even told the installers not to do it, but they did it anyway. I painted this scripture and sealed it REALLY good so I can clean up the bacon splatters!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

I received 3 pieces of furniture for a classroom that will be turned into a safari this school year: a bench, podium, and chair. Here are the before and afters.

It was tedious work painting leopard and giraffe spots,but I think it all turned out pretty good. Hope you like them, Tina!
Here's Mattie's board that match her step stool and rocking chair from a couple of months ago.

Yesterday we traveled to Dallas to see Lindsey get her Lone Star Degree at the FFA Convention. Jake, Lindsey, Vance, Caitlin, and Dana pose for a picture.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Latest Happenings

Well, it is official. I am getting older! I found out Tuesday I need glasses. This is a horrible picture because my eyes were dilated, but these will be my new frames. Do you think they make me look smarter? Better pics to come!

It's July, so here is the new Agnes card! I finally met the people at Aggieland Printing the other day, and I sort of felt like a celebrity! They had been wanting to meet Agnes for a while now.

I haven't been able to paint as much as I would like lately, but I did manage to do this sign for my sister-in-law. She put it above her couch with family pictures around it. After my trip to Canton today and stocking up on wood, I am ready to do more name plaques!


I know this is a late post, but this past Monday we played BUNKO at Jana's house, who by the way, was celebrating her birthday. Someone had this crazy idea of celebrating Jana's b-day: BUCCEE style. It could have been Carrie who is sporting her BUCCEES attire above! I snapped this picture of Jana before entering the party site!
Guess what? This was Denise's first visit to BUCEES! She couldn't leave with a bag of bodacious Beaver Nuggets!

Here we all are eating free samples of candied nuts, fudge, and Dippin' Dots! Y'all, for us girls, this is like country going to town!