Monday, April 13, 2009

Here is Allison's rocking chair for her room!

Lindsey created this rose in art class. Ashley did a yellow one when she took art and gave it to her grandma. Lindsey gave this one to her grandma as well. I know they have creativity in their bones, they just need to express it more often!

I walked in Friday evening from work, and this is what I saw! I just had to take a picture. Now to those of you who don't know Lindsey well, reading is not one of her favorite past times. One of her friends had told her how good the Twilight books were, and she started reading it and LIKING it! Todd and I would just look at each other in amazement when we would see her reading this past weekend. She is now ready for the next book!

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Jennifer said...

Love the zebra's very bright!
By the way, my sister LOVED her candle!! She got the black zebra one.