Monday, September 1, 2008

Garland How-To

First cut a butt load of fabric strips (this may take awhile). We used a clothesline rope that you can get at Walmart.
Stacy begins tying the strips on. Oh, the strips are about 6-7 inches long and they don't have to be perfect.

Stacy made this garland to give to her roommates' new granddaughter. It is so full and pretty. Most of the material we are using is feed sack material that Todd's grandmother had. When she past away, I got alot of this material. So there is some sentimental value to it!
Next, we are going to try to make candy corn garlands from Bienvenue (the link is on the left).


Lacy said...

Looking good! You have to come to my classroom and see the one Kyley made me. It hangs on my desk. They seem very addicting. Cute work.

Sandel said...

LOVE THEM!!!!!!!!! That candy corn idea is amazing. I am going to try this!!!!