Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I'm It!

Well, I have been tagged twice now, so I guess I need to do this! Here are the rules:

Write 7 strange characteristics about yourself. They interest us all!* Tag 6 other people at the end of your Post.* Visit everyone that you have tagged and leave a comment on their blog to let them know that they have been tagged.

Here goes nothing!

1. When I asked Ashley what are some strange things about me, she said I ask way too many questions. Well, inquiring minds want to know!!!!
2. I love oldies music like Elvis, fifties, Frank Sinatra, etc.
3. I love the Osmonds! My cousin and I used to pretend we were part of their band singing while the record played! Donny and Marie are so cool! I even have my girls brainwashed.
4. The toilet paper roll has to be put on so that the toilet paper rolls from the top not underneath.
5. My house has to be straight before I leave, so that I don't have to come home to a filthy house!
6. I shave my legs EVERY night! Todd and I made a deal a long time ago. If I shaved every night, he would shave every night!
7. Todd and I have been together since I was in the 8th grade! (He was a junior) Now that seems kind of bad, but he says I was mature for my age!

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Genny said...

Amen to #4. And "Wow" to shaving every night.

Texas Memo said...

hee, hee...

Now I know why we seem like lost sisters. :)

I love old music, especially Frank Sinatra....
I love the Osmonds.. We used to play the records and put on fantastic shows...My sister, Pam, always got to be Donnie....
And if you know all the words to "Paper Roses"..that's it, we are soul sisters....

I do shave my legs everynight too...