Sunday, August 31, 2008

Getting into the Garland Craze!

Stacy is drowning in a sea of fabric strips!

Yesterday my parents, grandma, sister, and nephew fled East Texas due to a mandatory evacuation for Hurricane Gustav. My parents are at my brother's house and Stacy, Chance and Grandma are here. Since I had a tub full of fabric in the attic, we decided to try our hand at making garlands. Let me tell you, there is a lot of CUTTING! Lindsey and Landon even got in on the act! Grandma supervised while we worked!


Sandel said...

could you post step by step directions?????? I want to make one, they are just stinking adorable.

Lacy said...

They are addicting, but take a ton of fabric!!!!! Have fun!

ko said... if you check out my blog..i am absolutely addicted to making them now!! I have made like 10 so far! :) A trick I have learned that makes it go a ton faster.....fold your fabric..then cut the makes it tons faster!!!! I have 2 posted on my blog that I am selling on ETSY....hopefully someone will like them and buy! :)
Good luck!

ko said...

tag your it