Friday, September 5, 2008

Ashley has a new home!

Well, I think we have Ashley situated for the semester. (please I hope this is the last time!) Her new semester home did not work out, so we moved her temporarily back home Monday. She got right to work finding a new place and just look! OMGoodness it is like a resort there with fitness rooms, pool, club house, tanning beds, and even a carwash! Her apartment even smells new. If I were her, I would stay there until she GRADUATES!!!!!! I don't think her poor furniture can stand another move.


ashleyfaries said...

I love it here and forget the semester...I'm here til July 31 at least!!!

I will have to post pics on my blog so you can see how my room turned out today.

P.S. Everyone loves your ceiling tile bullentin board!!

Lacy said...

So pretty! I would never move!! I cant believe she has moved 11 times!!! She is a doll.