Saturday, September 6, 2008

First installment of Christmas Ornaments

Here are my first five ornaments for the Christmas season. Other than the Santa one, they all say "joy". I painted alot last year with initials on them. These are the large ornaments and will make great gifts. Five down, a tree full to go!

Okay, I know the above pic has nothing to do with Christmas, but Todd's mom came to visit today and was telling me that candy corn and peanuts together taste like a Payday. Well, you know I have been making candy corn garlands, and I just happen to have peanuts! OMGoodness! It does taste like a Payday when you eat them together. I told her she shouldn't have told me about them. I am afraid my candy corn garland will be cut short!


ko said...

I want an ornament! I actually just saw something like these on a web site I look at a lot!

Lacy said...

When should I order????

Jana Corley said...

How much are they? I have a couple of friends who want to order.

teresa said...

I am going to charge $10 for the large ones. I have some smaller that I can do for $8. I painted some with hope and faith last night. I also am working on a leopard one!!! Order as soon as you can, and I will get to work on them!

Deanna said...

I love, love, love the ornaments!!!!