Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Writing on the Wall

This is my inspiration I found on vinylattraction.com
With the help of the word processor and an overhead projector, I managed to do this rather quickly on my bathroom wall above my bathtub. The only problem is it is not vinyl, but I can always paint over it when I get tired of it.
Painted this too. Now where else can I paint words...................................?


Jana Corley said...

On my dining room wall????

Erica said...

Love those! Man can you teach me how to do all that?!

Sandel said...

Oh my gosh, Teresa was on my page. Just love that gal. :) Crazy as she is.

ko said...

hey! I just sent you an email to see if you could do a project for me??? You can come and word up my walls anytime! :)

Sada said...

I LOVE "writing on the wall"! I have always said I want scripture written all over my house!