Monday, June 16, 2008


I stayed home today and took down, hung up, put holes in walls, and filled in holes in walls, etc. I had a huge wreath above the mantel that I made 5 years ago. I definitely needed an update. Found the wall art at Kirklands and spent less than $40. I put the fake fruit in my Southern Living vases.
This is the idea I found on a blog site. She covered canvas with burlap and mounted the black and white pictures on the canvas. I painted the canvas to match my bedroom. The pictures are of Todd and me. I am thinking about painting a quote like: "....and they lived happily ever after" under it. I spray painted these mismatched frames and put pictures of my grandparents and my parents in them. I have these in my room too. I still have some other things I want to do. Tomorrow I will have to touch up with paint the holes that I filled in. That should take a good while! I am looking forward to my trip to Fredericksburg with the girls this weekend. Maybe I'll get some more ideas there.

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Jana Corley said...

You're going to Fredericksburg this weekend?? Maybe we'll see you there! We are going for our anniversary! I love the things you've hung on the wall! You need to come to my house and give me some suggestions!