Saturday, June 7, 2008

Wedding Accessories

Jennifer is getting married August 2. She asked me to paint these items for her wedding. The pink bucket will be for the flower girl. I painted the inside brown. Want it look sweet with pink flower petals in it? The monograms on the brown buckets are the same as on their wedding program. Going to Amanda's wedding this evening. Can't wait to see the hot pink and zebra!


Erica said...

Those are cute!

Lacy said...

So super cute!!! What is she doing with the letters???

Jennifer said...

Aw!!! I absolutely LOVE them! You did a wonderful job.....maybe I'll find something else for you to paint. :0)

If you are wondering..... the brown buckets are going to be used for flower petals to toss as we leave the reception. I am going to hang the letters from somewhere with pink ribbon!!