Sunday, June 22, 2008

Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

Yes, our mom is making us climb this humongous rock!
Ashley, Lindsey, and I headed to Fredericksburg this morning for my Mother's Day present. We shopped a little at the Trade Days, settled into our B&B (pics later), and headed to Enchanted Rock.

Come on Ashley, it's not that steep!
We made it to the top! You can see forever away.
Ashley kept saying her heart was hurting! I thought for a minute she could be Fred Sanford grabbing his heart yelling, "I'm comin' Elizabeth!"
Okay, we got up here. The panic sets in. How are we going to get down?


ko said...

that is too cute..and hillarious! :)

Sada said...

OMGosh -- Enchanted Rock is still one of my fav trips with my hubby! What a great idea for Mother's day! Exercise....time with the kids (maybe a little forced)....sweat -- fun! Good for you guys -- your family is beautiful.