Thursday, June 12, 2008


This shelf with drawers are in Mrs. Batson's utility room. It has been this color for over 40 years! It was originally built for her daughter's room and was moved in the utility room when they built their new house. She asked me to paint it red and to distress it by dry brushing it with a khaki color to make it look worn. I primed it first, then it took 3 coats of red! I painted the back of the shelf the color of the wall, dry brushed it, and finally put a sealer on it. I also painted a shelf and a bench to put in the room.


Lacy said...

Looks great!

Genny said...

What an improvement. You're for hire, right?

Charlie's MOM said...

Aww, that makes me sad. I love the red, but the pink was so retro. I've been thinking about those cabinets since I saw it at our breakfast.

Ok runner...the 1/2 marathon is 11/16. You're SO coming to San Antonio with us. I'm running w/Hill and Lacie this Saturday at SHSU in a 5K (3.1 m). Are you game?