Friday, June 20, 2008

22 Years of Marriage Today

Classic 1986 mauve and grey wedding colors!
Todd had a lot more hair then! The girls thought he had a fro, but it is actually the shadow that makes his hair look "bigger"! 22 years ago Todd and I enter a more blessed life than I could ever dream of. Little did I know at the age of 18 that I would have a husband who has proven to be our spiritual leader and successful at his business, 2 wonderful daughters, and a teaching career. These years have flown by and I am looking forward to many more years of happiness.


Sandel said...

Hapy anniversary!!!! You guys have not even aged a bit :)

ko said...

That is so cute! You both look the same!!!!!

Lacy said...

Happy Anniversary!!! You should be so proud!

Jana Corley said...

Happy anniversary!

Sada said...

I love LOVE! So cute! Isn't it funny how you get cuter the older you get (well, at least you 2 are :P)

Robin said...

Happy Anniversary! You two look FAB-U-LOUS!

Texas Memo said...

Oh my, has it been a year since we were at your house???
I have not kept my promise of having everyone to San Antonio. boo hoo.
Invitation still stands to visit anytime you can.

Hey, I was at your wedding. Wish I could find the pics. If I do, I'll send them to you.

Happy 22 years.