Friday, December 26, 2008

Here Comes Santa!

Lindsey was so excited when she opened her feather mattress pad! She has been wanting for awhile now. Santa caught a really good sale at Macy's! You should have seen them trying to get it out of the box.

This was Ashley's real reaction when she opened the Tammy dvd set! It has "Tammy and the Bachelor", "Tammy and the Doctor", and one other movie on it. (Yes, we like the old romantic comedies.) She had just asked about it the day before. Little did she know it was wrapped under the tree!

Lindsey opens her electronic dictionary and asks, "What do I need this for?" Hello!

Isn't this hilarious? Ashley is sniffing her Bath and Body, Pomegranite Midnight body wash. It smells really good.

Ashley got Todd a book called Leading with the Heart by Coach K of Duke University. Reading is Todd's new hobby, so we all bought him a book. He has an extensive library now! Anyone want to read John Grisham? He has most of them now!
Forever 21, watch out! Here comes Ashley!

Each year the girls get me a new cross for my cross wall. Here is the latest. It has red colored beads inside.
Lindsey's biggie-a pink digital camera!

Watch out! I may have to read this one! Lindsey gave her dad Ted Nugent's Ted, White, and Blue! He was laughing just reading the inside and back covers! I'm sure he will get lots of stories out of this book to tell! Did you notice we were all in our pajamas? This has become a tradition for the last few years on Christmas Eve. We go to church, come home and eat, then get into our pj's to open presents. We open our stockings on Christmas morning. Lindsey did say that she wished she was a kid again waking up on Christmas morning and seeing what Santa put under the tree. All of you that have young kids, cherish every year of staying up putting things together and being as quiet as you can. I remember one of us would have to stand guard to make sure they wouldn't wake up! We would get up before they would with the video camera ready to capture their reaction when they walked into the living room to see what Santa brought. Thank goodness we still have those memories to watch. Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas!


Lacy said...

Santa did very good for you guys. I love all of it myself!! Enjoy the rest of your time.

Jennifer said...

Oooh...looks like Santa was busy this year! I love the pj's :)

My sister LOVED the zebra chalkboard! Thanks for the great gift are so talented!