Sunday, December 21, 2008

Elvis is Alive!

Friday night we took Ashley to see Elvis! If you don't know, Ashley is a huge fan of Elvis. When she was at home, her room was done in Elvis. (Of course she took most of it to college with her.) Anyway, Terry Price, The Clone of Rock'n Roll, performed in downtown Bryan this weekend. We were so impressed with him , even Todd thought he sounded just like Elvis! Lindsey secretly told him it was Ashley's birthday, so he got her onstage to sing "Happy Birthday" to her. You should have seen her face when he called her name!

This guy even has his own fan club! ( We were the youngest people there! You would have thought the he was the real thing by the way those 60+year olds reacted to some of his songs! He sang gospel, holiday, and took requests. We spoke with him before the last set and he took our requests and gave Ashley a t-shirt!

Todd and Lindsey left early to do some shopping and while they were gone Elvis serenaded Ashley and me! Ashley said, "While the cat's away, the mice will play!!!" I think this is a birthday Ashley will not forget!


Carrie said...

OH HOW FUN!!!! Happy birthday Ashley!

Jennifer said...

Looks like FUN!!!

Lacy said...

I know you two were in heaven!!! Glad he turned out good!! How fun:)