Friday, December 5, 2008


Boy, has it been a busy week! The decorations are up inside and out, and we can all breathe a sigh of relief! I have also suffered from the case of III (Infuriating Internet Issues). After being on technical support for half an hour, I think the problem is solved. Anyway, when you finish reading, notice the time of this post. I have been up for an hour getting ready to go on my annual Christmas shopping trip with Shawn. This is our 9th year to spend the weekend together, shopping, visiting, and wrapping gifts. I can't wait to see her!

NOSTALGIA! This is an original 1965 aluminum tree (it's not the main tree, though) and my grandmother's color wheel. I just love it.

Here are my stars from Salado, and the word JOY from Canton.

Ashley and I celebrate by doing the "Stanky Leg"! Don't ask me what it is. All I know it is some song (probably not appropriate) and you move your leg like Elvis and cover your face! Anyway, Ashley's friends got a kick out of this pic! I am just glad I am back in my old jeans! I have lost 14 lbs! WooHoo!


Carrie said...

Everything looks always! 14lbs? That's so exciting! I need inspiration! I need to loose 14 lbs.

Jill said...

If you were wondering, I think I found the 14 lbs. you lost. I would be more than happy to give it back if you are interested. Just kidding!! Can't wait to see what you get on your shopping trip!!

Lacy said...

I need the same 14 GONE!!!!! I feel so yuck!!! But I really am happy for you. You look so awesome and so does your porch!!!!

Sandel said...

as always beautiful. Jill, I really think I was the one that found the 14 pounds, oh sorry mine might have been 41.

ko said...

Your porch looks BEAUTIFUL! GORGEOUS! THAT TREE IS AWESOME!! I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED ONE OF THOSE!!!! :) You look great! CONGRATS ON Your hard work to loose 14 lbs!

ashleyfaries said...

Haha mom I don't know if it's an appropriate song either cause i don't know what all of it means!!
but yeah for the 14 lbs!!!! i love you and buy something good ;)

ps notice the time of my comment!! it's probably the same as when you posted your blog except it's the time i'm going to bed!!!