Thursday, January 15, 2009

I think I may just stick to painting!

Just finished Rylan's step stool. I noticed Rishanne eyeing the ones I previously made at the Holiday Market, and she mentioned that she wanted one for Rylan. A few days later Linda Hunter asked if I could paint a step stool for Rishanne. She had no idea that Rishanne wanted one! Hope Rylan gets lots of use out of it in the future!

I made a trip to Michael's Monday and got this wild hair to make a couple of Valentine topiaries since I don't have many Valentine decorations. With supplies I had at home and what I bought with my 40% coupon, these would cost me less than 6 bucks each.

Cutting the styrofoam was a mess. Next time I will try my electric knife to cut it!

I just thought cutting styrofoam was a mess until I got into the spanish moss! I had it everywhere including stuck all over me! Only 1 bag did one heart, but I had a bag in the attic. The only problem was that it was just plain and not green, so I got out the green spray paint!
After all of this, I could not wait to get finished. Painting the pots was the best part!

I put them on each side of the mantel for now. They may be moved after I stare at them for awhile. IF I decide to make another topiary, I will use something else to cover the styrofoam rather than that messy moss!


ko said...

cute! WAY TO GO! LOVE THE STEPSTOOL! You are so talented! :)

Genny said...

Cute topiaries. Love your craftiness.

Lacie said...

Rishanne is going to love the stool! And I know all about that green moss...we used it for Darren's 2nd grade project...uhh...the mess!The topiaries turned out great, I wish I had the drive to decorate for the season's... Christmas is the only one that I decorate for! You are so creative!

Sandel said...

Love the topiaries!!!!! I need some valentine decor, may have to go shopping.

Sada said...

Love the topiaries!! So cute....I seriously need to work on my holiday decorations.