Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I just love making things that don't cost lots! This garland was made with scraps that I had, and I spent $1.50 on the hearts from Hobby Lobby! I never would have thought to put a garland on my front door, but I saw this on For the love of my home last week and liked it.

Mrs. Savell, our science teacher, ordered a paddle, and she wanted bandaids and the word, Ouch!, on it. She also wanted it pink and blue, because it is for girls and boys!

Mrs. Guice of the parent center picked this bench up at a yard sale for 5 bucks. You may not can tell, but the wood was mildewed, had lots of knots with holes, and just needed some TLC.

After a good sanding, puttying the holes, and priming, I was ready for the fun stuff! Here is the after.....................

I just finished another necklace holder. I have one more I am working on for a friend of Todd's mom. I am currently working on a bench, wall pegs, and 2 bar stools. Looking forward to spring break!


ko said...

Love all of your new stuff! :) Hey we both have cute valentine RAGAMUFFINS>>>YEAH! :) I love love love making them too!

Jennifer said...

Love the bench...too cute!
I also love the garland! How do you make it....are there directions on another blog that you followed?

If it's not too hard, let me know. I would love to make some. I don't think my brain could take too much at this time. The baby is taking my brain cells one by one :o)

Sandel said...

Of course it is all fabulous!!!

Sada said...

I love it all!! My friend Shaunda is so excited. I have a feeling she may be bringing you lots more business :)