Saturday, January 10, 2009

Cricut and Christmas

Here is my first project using my new Cricut Expression. Remember when I said that I wanted one after the Cookie Exchange? Well, I researched the ads and internet and came across The machine was on sale for $219 and it was the last day that free shipping was offered! I counted the paint money I had left, and I enough to order it, plus an extra cartridge. This site is great because most of the cricut cartridges are just $29.99! You can see the letters much better in person. My mind is whirling thinking about where I could put more banners!

Now I bet you are wondering why I have Christmas ornaments out when everyone is putting theirs away. Well I happened in our local Walmart and these shatterproof ornaments were 50 cents a box! I bought one box of the green to put on my aluminum tree next year. When I got to the car I remembered a wreath that Rhoda at Southern Hospitality made a couple of weeks ago, so I went back and bought these 4 boxes.

The wreath is simply made from a coat hanger. You just string the ornaments on the wire!

I don't think I could make this with glass ornaments!

Almost done! It took about 70 of these ornaments. There were 24 in a box, so I had to open the other 2 boxes.

Can't beat a $2 wreath! I'll put this in the attic and put a pretty bow on it next year. I already have the place for it-on my large mirror in my dining room!


Lacy said...

Unbelievable wreath!!! Cricut is addicting....which cartridge did you use for the flower??? Great work. I am making a valentine banner too. Maybe may camera will work for me to post it.

Sandel said...

Wow! It all looks great. I really love how you made the wreath.

ashleyfaries said...

i have a place you can put another banner mom!!!! right in my apartment!!

ko said...

way to go! GREAT WREATH!

Lacie said...

I went to our WalMart last week and they had the Cricut Expressions on Clearance for $200.00. They had 9 of them... I went by there several times and felt like a stalker to see if they still had them. I have the original Cricut but it doesn't do all of the cool stuff the the Expressions does! I kept telling myself that I wasn't going to buy it... but Friday, Jon told me to go buy it...He said to consider it my late Christmas present! So, I went to get it and I love it! Now, I just have to try to sell the other one. No need for 2 Cricuts!
Which Cartridge did you use for the banner... too cute!

Genny said...

I got a Cricut for Christmas and love it for scrapbooking! Love your banner.

Sada said...

you are too much. I love that wreath!!!!