Saturday, November 1, 2008

Duck Season '08

Welcome to our 1974 Shasta home away from home! Cindy and I felt like Lucy and Ethel when we arrived last night. Their mobile home was parked next to ours.

I think it is pretty nice for a camp house! I wasn't worried about mice, because Todd just brought it to the lease yesterday, and I put the sheets on Thursday evening!

On our way to the blind, we had to wade through waist deep water. Todd was so good about helping me and getting everything set up. Well, as soon as I step down into that water, I felt water coming into my waders at my calf. Just a few steps in it dropped off and I was in to my waist. To my surprise, water seeped in through those waders and guess where! That water was cold! This is our view from the blind. There are 4 ducks about to land. I shot more than a box of shells and shot one duck! Hey, I was so excited when I shot that duck in the air.

Cindy and James are waiting for daylight!

This is our blind we sat in. Do I look like a duck hunter, or what?

Now can you see where the water came in?!?! I promise I did not do this on my own!

We ended up with 9 ducks. I know the guys would have shot more if the women had not been with them. I had a really good time shooting that gun!
Cindy and James pose with the day's kill.

Back home Sam poses with us. He retrieved the ducks for us. He gets so excited when it is time to go hunting!


ashleyfaries said...

Mom you look so skinny in that picture of you and your wet pants!!
Dad said the 20 gauge was talking this morning!!!

P.S. It's not the mice to worry about it's the yellow jackets in the middle of the night!!

Lacy said...

You do look are skinny!!! Great Hunting. Your a great wife and Todd was probably so happy with nine and you there. :)

ko said...

how cool! Actually I would cry, but going to do something your hubby enjoys has to be a guys looked like you were having a ball!

Jill said...

Hey--I didn't know you hunted. Do you hunt deer too??