Saturday, November 15, 2008

Fun Night!

I took so many pictures, so I tried to get everyone that came in a picture! Kinsey is in deep concentration!

Sisters, Jana and Susie, look they are wrapping up their project.Sisters-in-law, Danielle and Amanda, work away. They had to leave early, so I didn't get a picture of them with their painting.

Lacy poses for just a second so she can get back to work! Julie just keeps on working!

I was so glad Angela came last night. Her and Alice visit while Kelly and Janelle (not sure if I spelled it right) paint at the end of the table. Glad you came, Kelly and Janelle!

Today was Cherie's birthday(green shirt)and Carrie has a neat post for her on her blog. Check it out when you can! Happy Birthday, Cherie!

The finished product!

Lacy poses with her mom, Cheryl. She is a hoot, I tell ya! Don't you love how they all turned out so different?

Glad you could come, Rachel! I forgot to get a picture of Julie and Jill with their finished piece. I am so bummed! These parties were so much fun. Got to start working on new ideas for after Christmas and I welcome them if you have some!


Lacy said...

Thanks again!!!! I am glad that I could do my own writing...but it was harder for me this time. Thanks for letting my mom come. She needed to get out!:)

thesavellfamily said...

Glad I could come too! I had a lot of fun :)

Alice said...

so sorry I couldn't stay to finish, but I had a great time. thank you for opening up your beautiful home. can't wait for the next project!!!

Carrie said...

I'm hoping the more I come and play...the more your talent will rub off on me! (It's OK to dream!)

Jill said...

I had so much fun!! Thank you so much!! I am guessing that probably the reason you didn't get a picture of mine and Julie's is because we didn't leave until midnight!!!!!!