Thursday, October 30, 2008

It's Hunting, No, Shopping Season!

This has to be Canton's biggest weekend of the year. The men go hunting and the women go shopping! Since I am going duck hunting with Todd Friday and Saturday, I took off to get my fall dose of Canton. Stacy took off work and went with me.

For a Thursday, there was a good sized crowd. I was a little worried earlier this morning, but by ten, most all the booths were open.
Stacy shows off our goodies! It may not look like a whole lot, but candles, soup mixes, perfume, tulle, ribbon, and crosses don't take up that much room! There are lots of cabinet doors under that loot too!

Here's most of my stuff. The crosses will be gifts for Christmas. I bought a set of $20 sheets that are everywhere in Canton. Stacy said she bought some, and they are really soft. The Christmas signs were so reasonably priced, I bought two. One was $12 and the other $10.50. The little snowman sign was $2.95! Those candles smell so good and were only $5 each. I am going to put the big star above my fireplace at Christmas. It was a whopping $14.95!

I am excited about my McCain/Palin t-shirt. I just hate that I didn't have it sooner. I hope everyone is praying about our country and it's future leaders. Make sure and VOTE!


ko said...

LOVE IT! I LOVE THAT SHIRT! I WISH I HAD ONE TOO! I was wanting to go to Canton so bad this month..not possible!!! Then next month we will be in Colorado during 1st weekend...oh wellllll
Glad yo uhad fun and got lots of goodies

ashleyfaries said...

Jealous of the shirt!!!
P.S. next Canton trip you HAVE to take me!!! i haven't been in years!!!