Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bunco Night in our PJ's

This was our second annual pajama Bunco at Cherie's house. We ate homemade waffles, homemade syrup(compliments of Denise), and flavored decaf coffee! Carrie and I pose on the bed between games.

Lindsey filled in for Ashley. Once thinking it was a game for old ladies, she came around during last month's Bunco, and now she is hooked! She is still bragging about the waffles and syrup!

Denise shows off her pearly whites and I am not just talking about her teeth! Sexy!!!
Dear God, please let me roll a higher number than Donna and Selena for the Crack Prize! I promise I will be good!
Carrie's prayer wasn't answered! Selena won the Crack Prize for a real crack! By the way, I rolled 5 Buncos, 3 in one game, but Annette beat me by one Bunco. I did win the second highest number of games won, and I received a table runner for Christmas and napkins. I love it, Cherie!


Carrie said...

What a FUN night!!!! I like to MOVE IT...MOVE IT!!! I'm glad the Lord didn't answer my prayers! Salena can keep her dadgum crack prize! Those things do not belong in this booty anyway! I'm sure Rick enjoyed the sexy socks and thong undies! HEHE!!!

Lacy said...

Carrie is hilarious!!!! That looks like a blast of a time. I think we still need to do a double bunco with both groups! Ya'll look like a hoot!

ko said...

That looks like so much fun!! WHAT A GREAT BUNCO GROUP! :) I used to always give toilet paper for the crack prize! :) hahahaha! Ya'll r too cute! Hope you did well at your sale tonight!

Sandel said...

What a fun time!! Maybe Pj's should be required Bunco attire.

Sada said...

my girls are out of control!!!!! Salena -- work it girl! what a great gift.... I used to be able to wear those too.....these days, not so much......when your booty gets soooooo's over.......until you lose it!!