Thursday, October 23, 2008

Paint Party Update

The next Paint Party is fast approaching. It is Friday, Nov. 7th. We will be painting the fall sign that we did on the 10th of October. So far, I have Hillary, Kinsey, Sara, and April coming to that one. If you want to come, let me know as soon as you can so I can get the materials ready.

The Christmas Paint Party will be Friday, Nov. 14th. We will paint the back side of the fall painting! This class will be only $10 since we have the boards already. If you do not have the board, it will be $15. Those that have signed up are Jill, Lacy, her mom, Deanna, April, Hillary, Kinsey, Cherie, and Alice. I have room for 3 more, so sign up ASAP! We will do the same as last time and bring a snack to share! If there are more interested in the class, I may do another on Friday, the 21st. Stay posted to see what we are going to paint!


ko said...

ahhhhhh man I cant come!!!!!! :(

Sandel said...

I would like to come to the one on the 14th.

Alice said...

I guess i need to come on the 7th to do the fall painting. So sign me up!!!