Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Supper Time!

I got out my Gooseberry Patch Fall Cookbook the other day looking for some new recipes to try. This is the Chill Chasin' Chilli. It has about 10 different kinds of beans in it, and it is very hearty. It made a huge pot, so we will be eating on this for awhile. Poor Todd!
My mom used to make this Mexican cornbread and Todd really likes it. It is just 2 packages of Mexican cornbread mixes with cream corn, browned ground meat and grated cheddar cheese added to it. I added a few extra peppers for an added kick. The house smelled so good. I am ready for cool weather so I can make more meals like this.
This is one of 3 necklace holders I made last week. I took a picture of all 3 with my camera, but it did not turn out. That camera could not take good close pics, so Todd gave me new one for my birthday. Now I can take close up shots of my paintings! This holder is Lacy's.


ashleyfaries said...

man dad was slick this year for your birthday...i didn't even know about the camera
...or wait you went and picked one out didn't you. that must be way i didn't know!

Scooterblu's Whimsy said...

Oh, we have the same background! Don't you just love it! :) The chili looks delicious! And I love all your fall goodies in the post below! ~Rhonda :)

The Kelso-Winter Family said...

if you want cooler weather you just come on up here with your mexican cornbread..i could use some Rotel tomatoes if you're comin'! (oooh that's a cute dog on scooterblu)