Friday, May 8, 2009

Today, our first butterfly came out of its chrysalis! The kids are absolutely amazed with this transformation from egg to caterpillar to chrysalis to butterfly. Each day they observed and counted the days. Today we let Steven (don't ask me why they named it this!) free. Just this is a miracle in itself. I learned that we should slow down and see the wonders of God every day.

The kids are waiting for "Steven" to take flight! When he finally took off, the kids squealed with excitement! We had a revival at church this week and last night Bro. Troy baptized 4 people: 2 cowboys at least in their 40's and a couple who has been married for 45 years! I heard that at least 23 people were saved this week! As God can transform a caterpillar to a butterfly, He can transform man into a new creation with a heart for Him. I see that it is never too late for a person to come to know God as his/her Savior. My heart aches for some people that are very dear to me. I pray that they will accept Jesus soon!

This is a shower gift I painted this week.

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Tracy Padon said...

Beautiful post is an awesome transformation! We have two working on being butterflies right now!!!

I cannot wait to give my cousin the tile tomorrow - it is precious!!! Have a great weekend!