Sunday, May 31, 2009


This stool was painted to match the Tiddliwinks bedding from Target for one of our teachers at school. This was the first stool I have done for a girl. I have 2 more orders for girls to do this summer.

Thanks for all the orders on the name plaques! I really enjoy doing these. I've got some new ones I have painted, but I am waiting for them to be given as gifts before I post the pics!

I played with my Cricut this afternoon jazzing up some 2/$1 bags from Hobby Lobby for some graduation gifts.

I have had this planter from Canton for several years now. It was white and I painted it black. Anyway, it has been holding shoes since I've had it because I just didn't know how I could put plants in it and look attractive until now. Thanks to Blanca for letting me know that they make liners for these! I think it looks much better than shoes now!

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Lacie said...

My cousin Krista loved her sign! thanks again for making it for me! hope you are having a great summer!