Sunday, May 3, 2009

Our Canton Trip

FINALLY, it was time for our end of the year trip and this year we were Canton bound! We left right after school and headed due north. We were half way there, when our pastor called and said he had heard Canton was closed because of the swine flu. I thought he was just pulling my leg, but he was serious! We all pulled over in Cayuga and Sara called the chamber and it was not cancelled! Praise the Lord! The swine flu is not near as bad as telling 8 teachers who have waited all week to go shopping they had to turn around and go back home! We got settled in at the Bunny Hollow B&B, and then ate Mexican food. HOMEMADE flour tortillas with butter, YUM!

One of the rooms slept 7, so we piled in there and talked to after midnight. We tried to catch Sherry dozing off, but she woke up right when I took the picture!

Sonja's shirt says it all!

Breakfast was at 7:30. I could smell sausage cooking around 4am, and I was upstairs! The ones sleeping downstairs said Ms. Ogden was up at that time cooking breakfast. We had a wonderful breakfast casserole and cinnamon roll.

We were on the grounds at 8:00. We met up at noon to eat, see what all we purchased, and check the map to find out where we haven't been.

Just look at that smile. That must mean that Sara hasn't spent all her money yet, and she is ready to go back for more!

If you know Angela, you know that she is UNIQUELY DIFFERENT! This shop was really neat!

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