Thursday, August 21, 2008

No Phones Ringing off the Wall Here

As of yesterday we officially have no home phone. No more telemarketers calling in the evenings or weekends. Woo! Hoo! Really, we never used our land line and hardly received calls unless it was someone selling something. Since we have wireless internet, there was no need for the digital cable we were still paying for and not using. Todd ran the numbers, and we will be saving over $900 a year. He said that would pay for a good south Texas hunt or a getaway. I voted for the getaway!


ko said...

that is a great idea...we never use our land line either!!!!!! I bet we could save a lot of money!!!!!!
hope your week is going well, and I hope you have a fabulous weekend since you will be starting with kiddos on monday!

The Rose Fam said...

We were thinking about doing this, but we don't have wireless! We may have to do some re~thinking! An extra $900.00 a year sounds GREAT! All of your painted goodies were a hit at the luncheon yesterday! Thanks SO MUCH for all of your help!

Lacy said...

I think you and Denise are on to something by doing this. That is unreal how much money you will save!! I hope Monday goes great for you.

Sada said...

yep -- we did this a long time ago. However -- being the wife of a firefighter we do have a cheap local ground line only in case we need 911!!