Saturday, September 26, 2009

A "FaBOO" Time!

This was the Crazy table! Crystal got so into it that she painted both sides of her candy corn!

I dubbed this table the "Loosin' Up!" table. Lola and Amanda were taken this thing WAY too seriously! Next time, they go to the CRAZY table!

AAHHH! The PERFECTIONIST table! These people definitely knew what they were doing. EVERYONE'S candy corn turned out so cute. No one's looked exactly alike because each has their own style. I can't wait for the Christmas one. I will welcome all ideas for the next one. Thanks for yours, Lacy!

Yes, Ashley got in on this one! I definitely see some creative talent there! Maybe I rubbed off on her a little!
This is the other end of the CRAZY table!

So glad these two beautiful, young mothers could break away for awhile. It was great to see you, Michelle and thanks for the "Boo!", Sara!

Absolutely "BOOTIFUL!"

Didn't they do great on the zebra stripes and leopard spots?

Janelle and Jill got a little crazy with theirs adding bats, spiders and even a ghost!
Great to see you again, Rishanne! Thanks for coming everybody!


Jana Corley said...

Thanks Teresa! It was great! And thank you for not painting it for me even when I begged! I painted some zebra print on our pumpkin today! The kids think I have lost my mind, but I love it!

Jennifer said...

What fun!!! They sure made it look easy =) But you are a great teacher! I wish I could have came...I'll definitely be at the Christmas one!

Alice said...

I had a blast and thanks for the wonderful sweet treats also. You are so sweet to let us fill up your house and have a relaxing time with friends!!

Carrie said...

I'm so sad I missed it! Maybe next time! Looks like a blast!

Lacy said...

Thanks again Teresa....Your home is beautiful and so festive around the holidays...Thanks again for opening your home and giving us your time and talents.