Friday, August 28, 2009

The Past 2 Weeks

For the past two weeks I have been diligently working on the above child's senior overalls. Each year the new class of senior girls don their overalls on Fridays for pep rallies and football games. I finished sewing the last rhinestone last night and they were ready to be worn today. Now, I have never appliqued before so this was a first for me. The inside seams had to be taken out for me to work on the material. I started on the back and I used the same color thread as the fabric so it would blend in! By the time I got to the front and bottom of the overalls, I was almost a pro! But, I am so ready to get back to painting!

The leg on your right says "FFA" in cow print. The S T U stands for Tarleton State University where Lindsey plans to attend. I used the cricut to make most of the letters.

The back is my favorite. The 10 above 2010 is a Jake and Connally's football number.

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