Friday, July 3, 2009


I know this is a late post, but this past Monday we played BUNKO at Jana's house, who by the way, was celebrating her birthday. Someone had this crazy idea of celebrating Jana's b-day: BUCCEE style. It could have been Carrie who is sporting her BUCCEES attire above! I snapped this picture of Jana before entering the party site!
Guess what? This was Denise's first visit to BUCEES! She couldn't leave with a bag of bodacious Beaver Nuggets!

Here we all are eating free samples of candied nuts, fudge, and Dippin' Dots! Y'all, for us girls, this is like country going to town!


Carrie said...

Funny how PC HATES Buccees, but they know her by name and she stands there and samples everything in the store....ha!! FOLLOW ME TO BUCCEE'S!!!

Jana Corley said...

Maybe we should go to Buccees after Bunco every month! We could skip the meal, and just go have samples at Buccees instead!