Saturday, March 28, 2009

MCFA 2009

Lindsey showed Red this past Thursday and got 2nd in his class! That's the best we have done at the fair so far. He was 9th in the sale order, so he made the premium sale!

Being in that ring is hard work, so Red needed a rest!

Todd is the perfect stall boy! If it weren't for Dad, the girls wouldn't know what to do!

A fierce cold wind blew in just before the auction started last night. Thank goodness there was a wall blocking it from blowing away the potential buyers! Lindsey's steer sold for $2400. Stover and Crouch Ins. bought it. Thanks, Craig! Lindsey also made $599 on her art Tuesday night. Thanks, Marvin!

Kasey, my nephew, got reserve champion with his range heifers. This is his first year to show in the fair. We bought a pig last night from a little boy that was his first year to show. He was all teary-eyed because he was losing his pig. I felt so bad for Cannon. But just like our girls, he will get over it and be back at next year!


Carrie said...

Congrats Lindsey! What a good year at the fair! Cold and windy, but good! She needs to go for fair queen next year!

Sandel said...