Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Latest

Just look at this face! Red is getting ready for the upcoming fair!

Lindsey gives him medicine to keep his stomach healthy with all the eating he is doing lately.

Red gets a treatment of leave on conditioner.

Our back patio has returned! We took it up last year because the gophers were getting underneath it and the weeds were springing up between the rocks. We tried growing grass in its place, but I really wanted the patio back. Todd did it right this time by setting the stones in a concrete base. I am so ready to buy some plants!

Our prom committee has been meeting weekly for the past month. We have gotten columns made from corrugated paper, what looks like pizza boxes, and plastic folded and hot glued together for lights! These are just a few of the many glittered leaves that we will be using for decorations. Prom is April 4th, but our team is ready for the challenge. Right????

With working on prom stuff, teaching, traveling to see Lindsey play tennis, watching the Aggies defeat Mizzou, and just plain everyday stuff, I have managed to get 2 tiles finished and a rocking chair done(pic coming soon).


Sandel said...

WOW, you guys who can raise these animals amaze me. Good luck at fair Lindsey!

Genny said...

Girl, you have one big amount of variety in your life -- from cows to prom decorations! Fun stuff.