Sunday, February 15, 2009

Love in the air!

Love was in the air at school Friday even though it was the 13th! The kids had a great time exchanging valentines, eating candy and cupcakes, and just having a fun day.

After our morning announcements the students had time to deliver their valentines all over the school!

The boys did a great job on their lion boxes. All I did was cover them. They cut out and colored in the faces and made the mane by measuring out 6 inch pieces of brown paper and making the loops.

The zebras had to be the easiest even though they had a few more pieces to cut out.

I whipped up a batch of pinwheels to add to our decorations for the retreat coming up this weekend. I found the tutorial on all sorts. They were easy and fun to do.

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Lacie said...

I just loved Emilie's Zebra Valentines Box... she was so proud of it! Thank you for letting the kids be so creative... Emilie thinks you are the "best artist ever"!