Saturday, July 5, 2008

Crawfish boil

James Bobbitt works in organizing help and work in Lakeshore. He used to drive trucks before the storm and now he works to help victims get back into a home. The last time Todd was there they were preparing for a crawfish boil as he was leaving. Todd told James he would sure like some crawfish, and James went out and got all the fixins' for a supper feast!
James and his son poured the food right on the table, and everyone gathered around to eat.
Todd, James, and Cindy enjoyed peeling and eating the crawfish. James cooked sausage with it and I ate that instead.
A youth group from Merritt Island in Florida were surprised to have crawfish for supper! Some stayed in their bunk and refused to eat, but others had a great time eating and playing finger puppets!


Sandel said...

What a grand time!!!!!! I do not klnow who is more blessed you all for the expiereince or those on the receiving end.

Jana Corley said...

Ummm....I bet those potatoes and the corn were good! I don't eat mudbugs either! Y'all deserved a feast after all of your hard work!

ko said...

so cool!