Sunday, April 20, 2008

Lakeshore, Mississippi

Todd and Matt traveled to Lakeshore, Mississippi early Friday morning to wire a house for one of the residents there. This area was nearly destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. The steeple that is pictured is what is left of a church there. The building behind Todd's truck is the church and just beyond there is the beach. Todd said he was told that over 40 feet of water flooded the area. The man whose house Todd and Matt wired was one of the last people out of Lakeshore. He was listening to the radio about 1 am before the storm hit, and the radio announcer said that if you haven't left yet, write your social security number on your arm so you can be identified. He told Todd he woke his wife and they left immediately. His house was destroyed by water and mud. It is almost 3 years later and people are still trying to recover. Pray for the people there. Churches from all over the U.S. have come to help. Our church will travel back there in June.

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Genny said...

Unbelievable recovery time. I'm sure Todd's work will be a blessing.