Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Working Hard, Ha Ha!

Okay, I don't have any pics of the family, but I wanted everyone to see my look when I am reading blogs before school, at lunch, and at conference! (notice the bold print ) Angela suggested that I post a picture of what I look like at the end of the school day. I promise, it won't be pretty.


The Rose Fam said...

Whatever... you look gorgeous!!!!
Where the heck were you this weekend? I missed you!

ko said...

to cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, Teresa...where oh where is that fountain of youth you and Todd go to?

You clean up well. I could have everyone running for the hills if they saw what I look like as I post blogs and such.

Genny said...

I'm with Mary. I'm sitting here posting now and NO ONE will ever see a picture of that!