Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Doing What I Love

I haven't painted much since Christmas, but last week I was asked to paint a rocking chair, 3 good sized paintings of construction vehicles for a little boy's room, a mirror, a bulletin board, Mason's board which is pictured above, and a boy's bedroom set! The boards pictured are just plain ceiling tiles. Looks like I will be painting again between supper, exercising, and grading papers. I taught myself to knit from youtube over the holidays and made one scarf. If you want to see shows that you watched growing up as kids, youtube is the place! Anyway, knitting will have to be put aside for awhile! Pictures will come later.


The Rose Fam said...

You go girl! Cute stuff! Wish I had your talent!

Peas on Earth said...

Howdy! I linked to your site from your comment at Genny's site. Can I ask what material you have painted these on??? They are so cool!!! :-) God bless~

Peas on Earth said...

Oh good grief ... it helps to read the entire post!!!! Ceiling tiles! Sorry! Forgive me! :-) It's all this city traffic that's messing with my mind! ;-)

Genny said...

You are so talented. How in the world do you have time to do so many crafty things? I would never even think to go to youtube for learning to knit. Fantastic.

ko said...

i know we dont really know each other, but i really admire your work. I have an unfinished about 4 foot book case...made 2 foot wide...we are redecroating my daughters room...and i was wondering if you could paint it. ?my email address is sofipris@aol.com