Monday, February 7, 2011

Nashville, Names, and sNOw School!

Last month, Todd had a mechanical class near Nashville for a week. The girls and I flew up there and spent some time in the Country Music Hall of Fame and a tour of RCA Studio B. What a Thrill to sit at the piano Elvis played at Studio B!

I think I got the biggest kick out of standing in front of the Hee Haw cornfield next to clothes worn by Grandpa Jones, Archie Campbell, Stringbean, and LuLu Roman!!!
You may think I am wierd, but I still watch HeeHaw on RFD! SAAAALUUUTE!

I found the gold record of one my most remembered and favorite songs: Harper Valley PTA!

Yes, Nashville was covered in snow! It was a balmy 21 degrees when we got there!

Who could not go to Nashville and not see the Grand Ole Opry? We were in luck because Charley Pride was performing!

The last month or so has not just been all play. I have been able to squeeze in some painting too.
It's that time of year again when wedding showers are in the air!

This is my latest painting. I created one of these to put above my fireplace over the Christmas holidays and I love it! This one is for Todd's secretary, Amanda.

Even though it had begun to melt in this picture, our yard and pasture was a winter wonderland Friday morning when we woke up! So sNOw SCHOOL!(Lindsey had been out of school 3 days prior to this in Stephenville!) She did manage to come home Friday. Ashley came home too, Todd cook steaks, and we played Just Dance 2! It was a great end to a day off!

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